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Specializing in the research, development, production and sales of microcomputer monitoring and protection devices and integrated automation systems in the field of electric power
Electromotor monitor Protecting Unit
The device is mainly used for the protection, measurement and control of motors of various capacities with voltage levels of 0.4kV ~ 10kV.
New energy power control device
The device is designed based on 32-bit high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and high-speed Ethernet communication technology.
Speed measuring and controlling instrument
SM-2000 series rotational speed measuring and controlling instrument integrates the functions of measurement, control, analog output and communication.
UNIS-P Series Inverter power supply
Designed for power system, computer system, communication system and other fields, it is controlled by DSP dedicated microprocessor chip.
Integrated automation system for monitoring and protection of hydropower station

Integrated automation system for monitoring and protection of thermal power plant

Substation monitoring and protection integrated automation system

Engineering case
It has provided software and hardware technical support for the top 500 high-quality enterprises and municipal projects, which has been highly praised